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Promate Voltag-10 10000mAh Ultra-Fast Lithium Polymer Power Bank (Blue/Pink/Black)

Promate Voltag-10 10000mAh Ultra-Fast Lithium Polymer Power Bank (Blue/Pink/Black)
Price: 995
Product Description:
10000mAh Ultra-Slim Lithium Polymer Power Bank with Dual USB Ports for Smartphones and Tablets
10000mAh Ultra-Fast Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Charge your devices on-the-go with this powerful 10000mAh lithium polymer power bank with dual USB ports: VolTag-10. It features two ultra-fast USB charging ports to charge any USB-chargeable device. VolTag-10 also includes Automatic Voltage Regulation i.e. it provides an optimum output based on the device connected. VolTag-10 is compatible with all smartphones &tablets.

Powerful Battery
With this 10000mAh powerful battery, you can fully enjoy playing your smartphone and tablets on traveling, shopping, dating, etc. even on the longest journeys, you can easily manage before you reach a charging station.

Dual USB Outputs Support Simultaneous Smartphone and Tablet Recharging
An outstanding feature of this charger is that it includes two USB outputs, the first of which being a 2A port and the second a 1A port. You can use the battery simultaneously to charge a smartphone as well as tablet devices including the iPad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Automatic Voltage Regulation
LED Indicator Always Keeps You Informed

LED Indicator Always Keeps You Informed
The Promate Voltag-10 features built-in LED indicators for a quick, easy way to check how much charge is left. Simply push the power indicator button, and the indicators will light up, displaying the current battery life or charging status.

Superior Quality for Safety
Top circuit protection chip to ensure complete safety. It supports overcharging, over-voltage, over current, short-circuits protection and temperature protection to protect your devices.

Universal Charging Compatibility
Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. It is equipped with built-in LED battery indicator. The power bank is designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more.


Battery Capacity

Battery Type

5V, 2A

Output 1
5V, 2A

Output 2
5V, 2A

Charging Time
4 Hours

Located in the Philippines!


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