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Asus ZenPower Pro Dual Charging Port 10050mAh (Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Pink) w/ LED Flashlight, BumperCase

Asus ZenPower Pro Dual Charging Port 10050mAh (Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Pink) w/ LED Flashlight, BumperCase
Price: 1,295
Product Description:
10050mAh Cylindrical rechargeable lithium ion / Load Detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices*

ASUS ZenPower Pro is the easy-to-carry power bank that packs a high-capacity 10050mAh battery in a 
play card sized case that fits perfectly in the palm. Featuring fast charge ports for two-up charging, 
ASUS ZenPower Pro is not just for power — the powerful built-in LED torch shines a light wherever you need it.

Double-up your charging with dual outputs
ASUS ZenPower Pro’s 10050mAh battery is a vast energy resource that has the stamina to 
charge your devices several times over — and we’ve even fitted two USB outputs so you can charge two at once!

ASUS ZenPower Pro is packed with 18W output and engineered to charge at top speed. 
When you’re in a hurry, just connect your device to the built-in Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 
compatible port for charging that’s up to 2x faster!

ASUS ZenPower Pro’s built-in 10050mAh battery offers substantial capacity to keep not just one,
but multiple devices charged and ready to go.

Just a fraction bigger than a playing card and weighing a mere 230g, ASUS ZenPower Pro’s strong 
and stylish aluminum shell contains a power packed 10050mAh cell. But it’s more than functional: 
the iconic ASUS concentric-circle design is made to be attractive, while the gorgeous colors fit your own style!

ASUS ZenPower Pro does more than you can imagine — it’s a high-intensity LED flashlight that 
sends a beam of super-bright light wherever you need it, having enough power to shine for up to 4 days!

Exclusive ASUS PowerSafe Technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output 
voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging.

ASUS ZenPower Pro has been certified by nine leading international testing organizations, for safety, 
electromagnetic-interference (EMI) levels and fast-charge performance — giving you the reassurance 
that it’s ready for every circumstance.

ASUS ZenPower Pro is small, powerful and beautiful — and built to last! We put it through 5000 USB-plug 
insertions and removals, subjected it to repeated extreme-temperature tests of between -40° and 70°C, and 
drop-tested it from pocket height of around 80cm, time and time again. ASUS ZenPower Pro has been tested 
to perfection to survive everyday life!

Contoured for the perfect fit, ASUS ZenPower Pro Bumper adds an extra layer of tactile 
toughness that’s also smooth to the touch — so no need to worry about everyday bumps and scrapes!

  • All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Products may not be available in all markets.
  • PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.
  • Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.
  • *ASUS will not be responsible for customer induced damage to the product, or to user-added materials applied to the product.

  • Battery Type
    Cylindrical rechargeable lithium ion
  • Input Power
    5.0 V/2.0A(Max)
  • Output Power
    Port 1: DC 5.1V/2.4A(Max)or 9.1 V2.0A or 12.1V/1.5A 
    Port 2 : DC 5.1V/2.4A(Max)
  • Capacities
  • Rating Capacities
    5.1V/6400mAh/32.6Wh or 9.1V/3400mAh/30.9Wh or 12.1V/2400mAh/29.0Wh
  • Charging Time
    < 6hr (5V/2A), < 9hr (5V/1A) standard cable
  • Dimensions
    100 x 59.6 x 22 mm (WxDxH)
  • Features
    Load Detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices*
  • Safety
    1.Temperature Protection
    2.Short Circuit Protection
    3.Reset Protection
    4.Input Over Voltage Protection
    5.Output Over Voltage Protection 
    6.Input Reverse Direction Protection
    7.Over Charge/Over Discharge Protection
    8.Output Over Current Protection
    9.Cell PTC Protection
    10.Adapter Protection
    11.JEITA Protection
  • Temperature
  • Weight
    230 g
  • Color
  • Note
    *If some devices aren't auto-detected, please press the power button.

Located in the Philippines!


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