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AWP AID850 PRO PLUS AIDE SERIES Entry Level Line Interactive UPS

AWP AID850 PRO PLUS AIDE SERIES Entry Level Line Interactive UPS
Price: 3,000
Product Description:
Ratings: 850VA / 510W | Battery 1x 12V/8AH | Inteerface 4x Universal Socket, LED Indicattors | Entry Level Line Interactive UPS

Technical Specifications

Ratings: 850VA / 510W
Battery: 1x 12V/8Ah
Interface: 4x Universal  Socket Led Indicators
Size: 175 x 255 x 93mm
Weight: 5.5 Kg


- LED display or LCD display selectable
- Microprocessor based digital control
- Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
- Auto Sensing Frequency
- Wide input voltage range
- Power on self test
- Cold start
- Auto restart when mains power is restoredAuto track mains phase to ensure that inverter output voltage has same phase with             utility voltage, reducing transfer time and peak surge.
- Intelligent battery management: battery temperature compensation to extend --the battery life; three-stage charging to shorten             recharge time
- Short circuit, battery overcharge  / overdischarge, overload, surge protections
- Automatic charging in OFF mode.

- Optional no-load shutdown
- Optional RS232 / USB Communication port and RJ11 / RJ45 protection
- Unattended safety shutdown: system alarm and auto power-On / Off by RS232 or USB interface communicating with PC.

Located in the Philippines!