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APC Notebook Surge Protector (PNOTEPRO-EC)

APC Notebook Surge Protector (PNOTEPRO-EC)
Price: 1,488
Product Description:
Reliable power protection for Notebook computers, fax and answering machines
SurgeArrest Notebook Pro Surge Protector provides a worldwide telecomputing solution with more features, performance and value. The SurgeArrest Notebook Pro Surge Protector provides the mobile notebook professional with advanced AC and telephone line protection. The unique, in-line design creates a compact, lightweight surge protector that is truly portable and appropriate for use in any country throughout the world. With built-in Excess Current Detection, the Notebook Pro warns you against potential modem damage. A Velcro mounting strap and 6 ft. telephone cord eliminate the need to carry any additional accessories.

Located in the Philippines!


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