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ZTE MF65M 3G/4G Portable Hotspot w/ microSD Slot

ZTE MF65M 3G/4G Portable Hotspot w/ microSD Slot
Price: 1,390
Product Description:
1500mAh / MT6280A Cortex-R4 / USB Interface Type Micro USB / Form Factor uFi / microSD Slot

Form Factor uFi :
USB Interface Type : Micro USB
Warranty cards Yes
battery : 1500mAh
AC adapter : 5V/700mA 
USB cable : Yes
EAN : Yes
TAC : Yes

Wireless Chipset : MT6280A 
Wireless Processor : Cortex-R4 
Wireless Processor speed : 481MHz 
Routing and 
WiFi chipset model : MT5931
USIM/SIM Slot : Standard 6 PIN SIM card interface
3V SIM card and 1.8V SIM card 
Memory(SDRAM/NAND) : 64MBytes/128MBytes
MICRO SDHC Slot : Micro SDHC,2G~32GByte 

USB Version : Capacity,SD 2.0 Class
Interface : USB and WiFi 
battery capacity : 1500mAh 
standby time : 350 hours
working time : 6 hours 
charging mode : USB or Adapter
charging time : About 3.5 hours with adapter, about 
LED indicator : 4 LED indicators
Battery indicator, WiFi indicator, 
Network indicator, SMS indicator

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