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Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge

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Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
Price: 995
Product Description:
High Capacity;R270/R290/R390/RX590/RX610/R690

1 x Genuine Epson T0812   Cyan Ink Cartridge

Compatibility List for the
Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
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Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
The Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge page yield is unavailable
** Yield of the Epson T0812 cyan ink cartridge can vary **
Actual yield depends on specific use including images printed,
page size, printer, print settings and other factors.
Main features of the

Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge

Epson T0812 cyan printer ink cartridge
The Epson T0812 Cyan ink cartridge uses Epson's Claria Photographic Ink.  Claria ink, is the ultimate dye ink especially for your photo printing. There are many benefits when using Claria Photographic ink printers, such as, ultra high definition photo printing, superior glossiness, improved black density to name just a few. Using the T0812 cyan ink cartridge, your photos will be long lasting and fade resistant.
The T0812 cyan ink cartridge's dye based ink fully utilizes the highly reflective nature of dyes, resulting in a wide visible colour gamut for more accurate and vivid colour reproduction.  With 100 per cent dye as its colourant, what more could you expect from the T0812 cyan ink cartridge.
Separate ink cartridges for T0811 black, T0812 cyan, T0815 light cyan, T0813 magenta, T0816 light magenta and T0814 yellow inks allow individual cartridge replacement.  You only need to replace the colour you use, saving you time, hassle and providing a cost effective solution - T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge - Colour Shift Label Epson colour shift label T0812 cyan ink cartridge
Its now easy for you to identify Genuine Epson ink cartridges. Epson is gradually replacing the current hologram with the new anti-counterfeit Colour Shift Label. The T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge features the Genuine Epson colour Shift Label.

Epson T0812 Cyan printer ink cartridge

Epson Claria Photographic Ink
  Epson T0812 Cyan Printer Ink
For more information on the T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge, Claria Ink or Intellidge ink cartridges:
Claria Ink
Intellidge Ink Cartridges

Genuine Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge

Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
For more information on the
Epson T0812Cyan Ink Cartridge
visit the manufacturers website
The Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
was added to our Epson Ink Cartridge range
on Wednesday 14th March, 2007
Epson T0812 Cyan Ink Cartridge
  • Do not open the Epson T0812 cyan ink cartridge until you are ready to use it
  • Do not remove or tear the label on the T0812 cartridge, otherwise, ink will leak, only remove the yellow tape
  • Do not store the T0812 cyan cartridge in high or freezing temperatures
  • Keep the T0812 out of direct sunlight
  • Do not touch the green chip of the Epson T0812 ink cartridge
  • To obtain best print with the Epson T0812 store the box with the bottom facing down
  • Use the Epson T0812 cyan ink up within 6 months after opening to obtain the best print quality
  • Refer to your users manual provided with your printer for information on how to open and install the Epson T0812 cyan ink cartridge
  • Store your Epson T0812 cyan in a safe location out of reach of children and do not drink.
  • The T0812 cyan ink cartridge is vacuum packed to maintain its reliability

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