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Seagate 2TB Platinum/Gold Backup Plus Ultra Slim

Seagate 2TB Platinum/Gold Backup Plus Ultra Slim
Price: 5,499
Product Description:
2TB / USB 3.0 / PC & MAC
Ultra Slim is one of Seagate’s thinnest portable drives. At 9.6mm thin, capacity is not sacrificed with 2TB Storage
- bring your most important files and head out the door. Available in eye-catching gold and platinum colours
- style meets storage - and easily slips into your backpack along with all your other essentials. 
With Ultra Slim, your digital life has never had so much room to expand into.


Model : STEH2000300 - PLATINUM
STEH2000301 - GOLD
Capacity : 2TB
Max Data Transfer : 120 MB/s
Seagate Dashboard : Yes
Lyve App : Yes
OneDrive Cloud Services : Yes
Formatting : PC / MAC requires formatting, 
Dimensions : 113,5 x 76 x 9,6 mm
*Mac OS driver available for download

Located in the Philippines!


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