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GoPro The Frame (Version 2) for HERO3 / HERO3+ (ANDFR-301)

GoPro The Frame (Version 2) for HERO3 / HERO3+ (ANDFR-301)
Price: 1,990
Product Description:
Low-Profile, Minimalist Mount / Keeps Ports Accessible / Includes Protective Lens / Enables Un-Impeded Audio Capture Compatible with BacPacs / Fits HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO Cameras
GoPro The Frame (Version 2) for HERO3 / HERO3+

The Frame for HERO3 / HERO3+ from GoPro is the simplest, lightest way to mount a HERO3, HERO3+
action camera. It is suitable for applications where size and weight outweigh the protection a 
housing provides. It features the standard two-prong mounting interface allowing the camera to be
mounted on most accessories for GoPro, and will support the attachment of a BacPac accessory.

Latch Secures Camera
  • The Frame uses an integrated latch designed to make installing and removing your GoPro from it as fast and simple as possible
Optimal Audio Capture
  • The open design grants unimpeded access to the camera's mic for optimal audio capture during low-speed activities
Access to Ports
  • Enables full-time access to the camera's microSD, Micro HDMI, and USB ports for easy data offload, live-feed video, and charging
BacPac Compatible
  • Extendable support arm allows you to attach an LCD Touch BacPac or Battery BacPac, and holds the BacPac securely in place while shooting
Protective Lens Included
  • The glass Protective Lens fits over the camera lens to guard it from scratches, dirt and debris

Located in the Philippines!


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