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Belkin F7D7601ZH NETCAM Wireless Network HD Camera

Belkin F7D7601ZH NETCAM Wireless Network HD Camera
Price: 5,988
Product Description:
Belkin F7D7601zh
By phone, ipad to keep control of the situation at home
NetCam just download the free application on iOS or Android device, anytime, 
anywhere in the home to monitor the situation.

High-definition, wide-angle can be enlarged
The camera can capture large range of wide-angle lens, the image using H.264? 
High-definition compression format algorithm can save two-thirds of the bandwidth,
more conducive to high-definition video transmission. While supporting local details zoom function

Built-in noise reduction microphone, sound can not miss
While built-in noise reduction microphone --- clear digital audio will not let you miss any dialogue or sound!

Powerful night vision
NetCam with night vision function, even in low light conditions can also be recorded. At 
the same time motion detection function at night, in the room there is a moving object 
within the detection range, it will automatically take pictures continuously and send 
email to your specified mailbox.


Brands : Belkin
Model : F7D7601zh
Types : Web video camera

Located in the Philippines!


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