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Acer 8-inch Crunch Cover for Acer Tab 8 (A1-840)

Acer 8-inch Crunch Cover for Acer Tab 8 (A1-840)
Price: Not Available.
Status: Phased Out
Product Description:
8-inch / Black / Red / Blue / Green / Pink / for Acer Tab 8 (A1-840)
Travel light, with protection and style
Acer bags and covers are made with water-resistant synthetic leather, are shock-proof, 
and feature smartly arranged compartments. They also come in colors and styles that will 
excite the senses. Go light, organized, and with peace of mind knowing that your Acer 
notebook and/or tablet is well protected.

Bags & Covers
Dazzling colors
Acer's covers come in a range of colors. Choose from black, white, pink, red, blue 
or green to express your taste. Stylish, scratch-resistant bags and form-fitting 
covers protect your device and keep you looking good while on the go.

Dazzling colors
Modern, classic and unique
Modern, classic and uniqueThe accessories you choose say something about you. Acer 
offers a wide array of bags and covers in styles that will impress. Casual or classy, 
we have the bag or cover you need to preserve the condition of your device and make a 
positive impression too.

Modern, classic and unique

Robust and durable
Shock-proof design, weather-resistant materials, and the smart organization of compartments 
are just a few of the features offered with Acer notebook bags. Carefully chosen synthetic 
leather protects your tablet or notebook from dust, scratches, drops and everyday wear and tear.

Robust and durable

Located in the Philippines!


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