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Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

Price: 15,495 (Order Basis)
Description:6400 dpi resolution;Restore and perfect each film and photo scan w/ Digital ice technology;Zero warm up time w/ EPSONReady Scan LED Technology;USB Interface.

Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

Highest scan quality of 6400dpi optical resolution

Restore and perfect each film and photo scan with DIGITAL ICE™ Technology

Zero warm-up time with Epson ReadyScan LED Technology
A versatile scanning tool for photography enthusiasts
Scan, enhance, archive and share your entire film and photo collection effortlessly
Best image quality with 6400dpi optical resolution
  • Highest optical resolution in its class of 6400dpi and 3.4DMax optical density for best scan quality. 
  • Industry leading 48bit colour depth and embedded ICC profile for accurate colour reproduction.
More versatility with multiple film scanning formats
  • Easily back up and digitise your collection of multiple format films and slides  in the following available film formats:
    • 35mm strip film x 12 frames
    • 35mm slide x 4 frames
    • Panoramic medium film format up to 6 x 22cm x 1 frame
DIGITAL ICE™ Technology for film and print
  • Epson DIGITAL ICE™ Technology allows you to effectively remove dust and scratches from both your film and photo scans so your images appear clear and blemish free.
Zero warm-up time (low power consumption)
  • Scanning starts instantly with zero warm-up with Epson ReadyScan LED Technology.
  • It is mercury free and dissipates less heat during scanning which makes it an environmentally friendly technology.
Simple one-touch operations
  • Four one-touch buttons on the control panel are preset to 'Scan-to-PDF', 'Scan-to-Email', 'Copy' and 'Start' functions for your convenience. 
  • They may be further customised through Epson Event Manager to suit personal preferences.
EPSON Scan 3.8
  • This powerful and easy-to-use photo and document editing software includes the following enhancement features:
    • Colour Restoration
    • Backlight Correction 
    • Correct Document Skew and Text Enhancement features
    • PDF options
Take your photos further with these bundled software
  • ABBYY® FineReader® 6 Sprint Plus (ABBYY® FineReader® 5 Sprint Plus for Mac) scan and transform text  documents into editable files. 
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 enhances your photos and create a host of additional projects such as greeting cards and calendars and more.


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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