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Thermaltake T3000 Notebook Cooler

Price: 1,088
Description:with Heatpipe Cooling Solution; Weight: 866 g

Thermaltake T3000 Notebook Cooler

* Embedded QUAD Heatpipe greatly increase thermal dissipation. 
* Contemporary black coating with all aluminum material, combines
* aesthetic appeal with ultimate performance in notebook cooling. 
* Ultra slim design for ultimate comfort. 
* Supports all notebook up to 15" In screen size. 

Heatpipe Cooling Solution :
Detail Features:
Thermaltake serigraphy
Large number of aluminum fins
Bevel cutting for ergonomic design
Embedded quad heatpipe for thermal dissipation
Skid-proof pad
All aluminum material
Cooling System:
(a) Thermal serigraphy   (b) Aluminum material   (c) Aluminum fin  
(d) heatpipe X 4            (e) Skid-proof pad


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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