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Silvertec TP02 6600mAh Black/White 2 USB Output 2.1A

Price: 990
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Silvertec TP02 6600mAh Black/White 2 USB Output 2.1A

Silvertec TP02
The Silvertec computer accessories break through with the conventional sense of computer
accessories with the new of ergonomic shape for any of item that being related to the usage
of the computer/s. We always make the usage on the item/s to be adapted to your's natural motion on the 
item/s to be adapted to your natural motion for the most greated conveniences and comfort. Green
16 always lead you into the fashionable lifestyle while match up on using with the Computer mouse/s
headsets. USB adaptor/s etc. The Ultimate aim is let your's ideas shining brightly.


Capacity : 6600mAh
Battery Type : Lithium-ion
Full Charged : 6hrs
Life Cycle : >500times
Input : 5v/1A
Output : 5V/1A & 2.1A
Dimension : 8 x 64 x 20mm
Weight : 160g


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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