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Seagate Enterprise SATA SSD 240GB ST240FN0021

Price: 14,999
Description:Best-in-class performance efficiency / Enterprise feature set / One drive – many use cases

Seagate Enterprise SATA SSD 240GB ST240FN0021

Enterprise SATA SSDs for Cloud and Data Center Applications
A class above client SSDs, Seagate® Enterprise SATA solid state drives (SSD) deliver a 
best-in-class combination of fast, consistent performance and low power. These drives are 
an exceptional fit for hyperscale data centers, cloud system builders and cloud service providers.
  • Best-in-class performance efficiency
  • Enterprise feature set
  • One drive – many use cases
Enterprise SATA SSD Main Dynamic No Label

Best-in-class performance efficiency (IOPS/W).
The Enterprise SATA SSD maximizes IOPS/watt value while reducing energy costs. 
Already designed for low power consumption, these drives also automatically adjust
power usage based on workload I/O levels, which means lighter workloads use even less power.

Proven enterprise feature set.
Your data is critical. Seagate Enterprise SATA SSDs leverage a trusted enterprise 
feature set to deliver industry-leading data integrity, reliability and endurance for data centers.

One SSD drive – many use cases – reduced TCO.
Seagate Enterprise SATA SSDs are entry-level enterprise drives that help reduce 
total cost of ownership (TCO). Specifically designed to optimize performance for 
read-intensive and mixed workloads, these drives are ideal for:
  • Data center applications (fast data indexing, edge caching)
  • Data streaming
  • Content delivery networks
  • Gaming and software delivery
  • Virtualization and other cloud applications


Enterprise SATA SSDs improve performance.
Providing the highest performance with low latency and low power across read-optimized 
and mixed workloads, these SSDs saturate the SATA 6Gb/s interface and reduce performance 
gaps between I/O and CPU operations. Seagate Advanced Media Management technology increases 
read-performance by detecting data patterns and optimizing placement for rapid access.
  • Average of 10K IOPS/W (measured at 50% writes)
  • High random R/W IOPS: up to 85,000/30,000 (6Gb/s SATA interface speed)
Enterprise SATA SSD Feature Set
The Enterprise SATA SSDs deliver end-to-end data protection for high data integrity with 
multi-layered error recovery technology and advanced media management technology.

Seagate enterprise SSD interoperability testing includes more than 16,000 hours of testing 
across seven operating systems and 19 HBA or RAID cards.
  • Helps to prevent data loss from undetected, unintentional bit-flip corruption (silent errors) and unexpected power loss
  • Provides media health monitoring and reporting for advance notification to host systems of drive problems or as the drive approaches end of life.
Enterprise SATA SSDs for low total cost of ownership.
The Enterprise SATA SSD maximizes IOPS/watt value while reducing energy costs as a result 
of low power consumption, automatically adjusting power limited warranty with media usage 
on workload I/O levels which means lighter workloads use less power.
  • Uses less than 3 watts typical operating power
  • Linear scaling IOPS/W (power consumption automatically scales with I/O workload)
  • Idle power savings modes
  • Entry-level enterprise drive

Form Factor : 2.5"
Interface Options : SATA 6Gb/s
Power Management
Idle, Typical Operating (W) : 1.05
Height (in/mm) (maximum) : 0.276/7.00
Width (in/mm) (maximum) : 2.760/70.10
Length (in/mm) (maximum) : 3.955/100.45
Weight (lb/g) : 0.220/100
Model Number : ST240FN0021


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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