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Seagate 600SSD ST240HM000 2.5-inch 240GB SATA SSD 7mm

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Seagate 600SSD ST240HM000 2.5-inch 240GB SATA SSD 7mm

The Ultimate Laptop SSD Upgrade
Delivering faster performance and improved ruggedness, 
the SeagateĀ® 600 SSD is the ultimate upgrade solution for your laptop PC or Mac computer to:
  • Save time with faster laptop and application speeds
  • Protect data with improved drive ruggedness
  • Replace 2.5-inch client HDDs with client SSDs
Work Hard, Play Harder. Fast Laptop SSD.
Experience the snappiest Mac and PC system responsiveness for gaming, video editing, workstation, 
and other applications you use for work or play. The Seagate 600 SSD delivers the speed you crave 
so you can enjoy up to 50% faster boot times, shorter application load times, and improved system 
Laptop SATA SSD Performance Overview

Protect Your Data with Improved SSD Ruggedness
For road warriors and users on the go, the 600 SSD protects your data should your laptop accidently 
get dropped or bumped during operation.  Because the SATA SSD has no rotating platters or drive heads,
it provides a much higher level of ruggedness and shock-resistance than standard HDDs.
Laptop SATA SSD Rugged
Easy Upgrade Drive for 5mm, 7mm Laptops
The 600 SSD installs like a typical HDD upgrade and works with any standard PC or Mac laptop 
operating system. It is the only SSD available in both a 5mm and 7mm z-height for thin and 
ultra-thin laptops. With capacity up to 480GB, this drive gives you plenty of storage for your 
documents, games, videos and photos.

Front-End Caching for Data Center Applications
The 600 SSD is ideally suited for data center applications such as search engines, financial 
applications, data indexing, and content delivery networks.
  • High, sustained performance specs suited for lower-cost front-end caching where no power loss data protection is required
  • Improved system responsiveness using caching for content delivery, search engines, and other read-intensive applications
  • No RV-related performance degradation since there are no moving parts
Laptop SATA SSD Rugged Features

Capacity : 240GB
Interface : SATA 6Gb/s
Height : 7.00mm
Width : 69.85mm
Length : 100.45mm
Typical Weight : 0.077kg

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