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Nakamichi My Mini Plus Speaker with FM

Price: 1,799
Description:The cube-sized (5cm x 5cm x 5cm) mini speaker comes in Silver, Black, Blue, Green and Pink to match any audio device.

Nakamichi My Mini Plus Speaker with FM

Suitable for any situation from sun tanning, lounging at a picnic, at a sales presentation or while
travelling, the speakers are light weighing lighter than an iPhone 4s at only 139g and fits into any bag.
The speakers can be charged by connecting the USB to your PC or laptop.  A fully charged mini speaker can
play music non-stop for up to five hours.

“My Mini Plus” is compatible with smartphones, mobile audio players, laptops, tablets and also plays back music
from a MicroSD card inserted into it.  An FM radio option is also available.

  • Built-in lithium batter chargeable via USB
  • 3.5mm earphone jack
  • USB line-in for any music device (mobile phone, MP3 player)
  • Plays MP3 music with MicroSD card
  • Individual Media Control Keys
  • On/Off key for better power management
  • FM Radio
Nakamichi My Mini Plus


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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