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MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS Motherboard

Price: 3,288
Description:Supports 6th Gen Intel® Core™ / Pentium® / Celeron® processors for LGA 1151 socket / Supports DDR4-2133 Memory / DDR4 Boost: Give your DDR4 memory a performance boost / USB 3.1 Gen1 + SATA 6Gb/s / VGA Armor: Reinforced Armor slot

MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS Motherboard

With traditional memory design the memory signals are often distorted by electromagnetic 
signals from other components, making the system perform slower or become unstable. 
MSI introduces DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and fully isolated memory 
circuitry. This design ensures the memory signals stay pure for optimal performance and stability.

This next generation UEFI BIOS is completely rebuilt and features a plethora of system builders’ 
favorite options. From M-Flash for easy BIOS flashing to advanced data protection & system 
security, CLICK BIOS hands you the tools to fully protect and optimize the system.

Through smart design and optimizations for Windows 10, CLICK BIOS is faster than ever. By 
reducing the use of graphics in the UEFI shell, it boots faster, reacts faster and adds a smooth
experience when changing settings. Smart categorizing of functions and settings make this the
easiest BIOS you’ll ever see.
  • Next gen UEFI BIOS
  • Perfect for system builders
  • Easy to use
  • Windows 10 optimized
  • Packed with security features

The Gigabit network adapter on MSI Professional motherboards offers fast, reliable and secure networking.

Featuring Network Genie for easy to use bandwidth optimizing
  • Allows you to change applications' traffic priority
  • Perfect for cloud computing and data syncing

MSI M-Cloud is a convenient and secure way of saving personal files in the cloud. M-Cloud simplifies 
complicated settings with a user friendly interface and is easy to learn. Build and maintain your personal 
cloud with ease. M-Cloud can also turn your PC into an Access Point. You can easily share a wireless
network or internet signal to other devices through just a few simple steps.

Dark Choke uses the special core design and allows the Dark Choke to run at a lower 
temperature with higher capacity and better power efficiency and stability.

With their aluminum core design and Japanese made quality, Solid CAPs are made for 
high-end design motherboard. Not only do Solid CAPs could provide lower Equivalent 
Series Resistance (ESR), but also work firmly for over-10-year.

MSI EZ Debug LED is an easy troubleshooting tool using 3 LEDs to indicate CPU / Memory / VGA 
operation every time you boot up your system. Run into trouble? Use the LEDs to easily identify 
the source of your problem and get back into operation quickly.

Onboard overcurrent protection prevents overcurrent and short-circuit damage of the CPU 
and other components. There shows a warning message let’s you know that overcurrent 
protection is activated for easier troubleshooting.

Total Fan Control gives you complete control of all your fans connected to the motherboard, 
through a revolutionary and easy to use interface.
  • Full control of fans through 4-pin fan headers
  • Real-time monitor fan speeds & temperatures
  • Intuitive, easy to use application design
  • Set profiles
  • Log fan speed, voltage and temperature status

Benefit from great compatibility and a worry-free user experience when using Microsoft 
Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10 with MSI PRO Series motherboards.

MSI is world’s first motherboard manufacturer to receive official Microsoft Windows 10 WHQL 
certification. With a true testament to compatibility and performance, the MSI R&D team 
ensures a worry-free experience when using the latest version of Microsoft Windows on any 
MSI PRO Series motherboard.


Socket : 1151
CPU (Max Support) : i7
Chipset : Intel® H110
DDR4 Memory : 2133 MHz
Memory Channel : Dual
DIMM Slots : 2
Max Memory (GB) : 32
PCI-Ex16 : 1
PCI-E Gen : Gen3
PCI-Ex1 : 2
TPM (header) : 1
LAN : 10/100/1000*1
USB 3.1 ports (Front) : 2(Gen1)
USB 3.1 ports (Rear) : 2(Gen1)
USB 2.0 ports (Front) : 4
USB 2.0 ports (Rear) : 2
Audio ports (Rear) : 3
VGA : 1
HDMI : 1
DirectX : DX12
Form Factor : M-ATX


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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