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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 LTE ZA0B0053PH 8-in IPS HD Quad-core 1.3GHz /1GB/16GB/8MP Rotatable Camera/Android 5.1

Price: 9,999
Description:Qualcomm Quad-core 1.3GHz / 1GB / 16GB / 8.0" LCD IPS Multi-touch (1280 x 800) / 8MP rotatable camera / 2 Cell 6200mAH Lithium-Ion / Android 5.1

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 LTE ZA0B0053PH 8-in IPS HD Quad-core 1.3GHz /1GB/16GB/8MP Rotatable Camera/Android 5.1


Four Ways to Use Your Tablet.
Scroll through recipes while you cook, check your social feeds while you eat, and 
watch movies while you work out.  The Yoga Tab 3 8’s innovative design places a 
battery cylinder and kickstand on the side of the device, shifting the center of gravity 
and opening up multiple ways to use it: Hold, Tilt, Stand, and Hang.

Immersive Audio.
The Yoga Tab 3 8 delivers rich home theater sound that you won’t experience on any 
other tablet. The two integrated front-facing speakers and powerfully immersive Dolby 
Atmos® sound give louder, clearer and dynamic audio—even without headphones!

Gorgeous Display.
The Yoga Tab 3 8’s HD resolution is perfect for casual gaming and intense web browsing.
It delivers incredible brightness for a great viewing experience under all angles and ambient 
lights. Your games are crisp and your videos simply beautiful to watch.

Rotatable Camera.
Enjoy a new way to take beautiful photos or chat on Skype with the Yoga Tab 3 8’s 
pin-sharp 8 MP 180° rotatable camera. Its camera gesture controls let you strike a 
pose and simply open-close your hand to take a picture.

Epic Battery Life.
The YOGA Tab 3 8 keeps going and going with its outstanding battery life. With up to 
18 hours* on one charge, it’s enough to watch two seasons of your favorite TV show 
back to back. In fact the battery is so powerful, it also comes with a USB ‘On the Go’ 
powerbank, allowing you to charge all your other devices.

* Battery life is an estimated maximum. Actual battery life may vary based on many
factors. For full testing details, refer to 


Processor : Qualcomm Quad-core 1.3GHz
Operating System : Android 5.1
Sound : Dolby® Atmos™, 3.5 mm Audio Jack
Memory : 1GB LPDDR3
Storage : 16GB
SD Card slot expandable up to 128 GB
Battery : Type: 2 Cell 6200mAH Lithium-Ion
Dimensions : 5.74"x 0.13" x 8.26"
Weight : Starting at 1.03 lbs
Display : 8.0" LCD IPS Multi-touch (1280 x 800)
Color : Slate black
CONNECTIVITY : Broadcom 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless
Bluetooth® : Bluetooth® 4.0
Camera : 8 MP Rotatable Auto-Focus
Sensors : G-sensor / Vibrator / Hall Sensor


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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