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ACER Aspire Switch 10 Reservation Privilege Voucher


1. Store / Branch Manager and Acer Specialist are the only authorized 
    personnel to issue the Reservation Privilege Vouchers to interested customers.

2. Interested customers can only get a copy of this Reservation 
   Privilege Vouchers in the stores from May 15 to June 9, 2014.

3. Only one (1) Aspire Switch Reservation Privilege Voucher should be issued
   to each customer, regardless of quantity of intended purchase.

4. Interested customer should:

    a. Completely fill out the Reservation Privilege Voucher
    b. Completely fill out the duplicate copy of the Reservation Privilege Voucher
    c. submit a clear photocopy of his / her valid ID and the duplicate copy of the 
        Reservation Privilege Voucher to the Store / Branch Manager or Acer Specialist

This document is he intellectual property of Acer Inc, and was created for demonstration 
purposes only. It may not be modifi ed, organized or re-utilized in any way without the 
express written permission of the rightful owner

5. Store / Branch Manager or Acer Specialist must sign on the section provided in the 
    Voucher as proof of receipt of customer’s valid ID photocopy and voucher’s duplicate copy.

6. The Reservation Privilege Voucher can only be used / redeemed for purchases
    from June 10 to 20, 2014. Strictly no early or late accommodation will be allowed.

7. Customer can only use / redeem the Reservation Privilege Voucher at the same 
    store / branch / Authorized Personnel he /she gotten it from.

8. Upon purchase, customer must present the Voucher and have it duly received by 
    Store / Branch Manager or Acer Specialist, who should assist him / her in availing
    the discount at the Store Cashier.

9. Store Cashier will apply the discount on the store’s Selling Price and file the surrendered 
    Reservation Privilege Voucher with its earlier submitted duplicate copy and valid IDs.
    All surrendered Reservation Privilege Vouchers shall be visibly marked as “REDEEMED” 
    by the Store Cashier, signed by the Store / Branch Manager.

10. For concerns or inquiries, please call (02) 815-33-88 local 100 or 125
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Located in the Philippines!

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